Real Trader | Dro Kholamian

Dro is a full-time trader with over 30 years under his belt who has made the successful migration from the Chicago pits to electronic trading.

Dro’s journey from hand signals to electronic trading was not always smooth sailing.

When Dro first left the floor, he experienced a type of whiplash from the combination of a computer monitor and a mouse that simply did not exist on the floor of the CME.

As anyone who traded in the pits will tell you, trading CME GLOBEX futures is different than screaming while flinging hand signals and scribbling on a pad.

The ebb and flow of e-mini’s is different than the ebb and flow on the floor.

The pivots and levels that floor traders depend upon, are different than rebound points on a computer screen.

Dro, being Dro, realized that though electronic trading is different from pit trading, this wasn’t necessarily bad, nor something to pull one’s hair out over – though this did happen from time to time.

Instead, Dro began a deep dive into price action and market structure.

This head-long analytical dive found footing when Dro met Tim Morge, a well-known trader and savant on Andrew’s Pitchforks.

Combining the talents a few trader colleagues, some software developers, Morge and others, Dro developed an intra-day swing trading software program and a methodology that allows for consistent setups and outcomes based on Andrew’s Pitchforks.

Dro’s software currently runs on eSignal and NinjaTrader 8.

Dro shares his live trading 2 days a week on our YouTube channel [Insert Channel Here].

You are welcome to look over Dro’s shoulder and learn these techniques.

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